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Reclaim. Restore. Relive.

Stratford’s Approach to Skilled Nursing Facility Occupational, Physical & Speech Therapy

Major, life-altering events, such as surgery, trauma, accidents, broken bones, stroke, and other issues with health often require rehabilitative therapy before heading home, or ongoing rehabilitative therapy while at home.

At Stratford, we believe rehabilitation can be a positive experience. We focus on energizing and invigorating our therapy clients with programs designed to achieve the highest possible reclaimed movement and functionality.

Our therapists will help engage you or your loved one in a customized care plan, allowing you to recapture health and energy in our warm and inviting environment.

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Physical Therapy at Stratford

Therapy services for

the mind, body and spirit

A Diversified Approach

Upon referral from a physician, an evaluating therapist from each discipline – physical, occupational, speech – will create a customized treatment plan based on the patient’s current status, medical records, previous level of functioning, and personal goals. Family members and caregivers are highly encouraged to participate in the development of the treatment plan.

Over the course of rehabilitation, as the patient meet’s their goals, new goals will be set to continue challenging the patient until they’ve reached their highest level of functioning.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapists evaluate posture, gait, balance, coordination and strength to develop a treatment plan with the goal of helping the patient regain mobility and independence. After identifying areas of strength and weakness, a physical therapist may work to improve a patient’s independence with tasks such as getting up from a chair or climbing stairs.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists evaluate upper body mobility and ability to engage in self care activities to develop a treatment plan with the goal of helping the patient regain independence. After identifying areas of strength and weakness, an occupational therapist may work to improve a patient’s independence with basic tasks such as bathing, dressing, feeding or caring for a pet.

Occupational therapists may also provide recommendations for modifying your home or assisted living environment to help you more easily navigate your living space. This might include the addition of new equipment you can use to perform daily tasks.

The occupational therapist may also address positioning and orthotics to help those with joint impairments become more comfortable.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapists develop treatment plans to improve swallowing, cognitive and communication abilities, and to decrease aspirations. Communication treatment plans may include techniques that not only help the individual to be better understood, but also to help them better understand others.

Rehabilitation & Therapy FAQ

How often will I attend therapy?

Depending on the type of insurance you carry, therapy sessions can vary. Most patients will attend therapy sessions for approximately 30 minutes to one hour, several days per week. In an effort to make sure your therapy sessions are safe and satisfying, adaptations can be made to this schedule.

Large patient rooms and a monthly activities calendar provide additional opportunities for you to practice your skills.

How can I get the most out of my therapy sessions?

Most importantly, know the goals your therapist is working towards with you. Talk to him or her about small modifications that might make your goal more meaningful or purposeful for you.

Can I continue to attend therapy after I’ve been discharged from Stratford?

Yes, if you and your therapist agree that you would benefit from additional therapy sessions, you may continue to visit Stratford after you’ve returned home.

Would you like more information on any of the therapy services offered at Stratford?

Let us know – We’d be happy to talk these over with you, or better yet, show you around and discuss your individual needs with you. Reach out and let us know how we can help.

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