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A Fully-Secured Unit for Individuals with Memory-Related Conditions

Stratford welcomes patients diagnosed with a variety of memory-related conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Dementia to a simplified, routine lifestyle with 24 hour skilled nursing care. Our goal is to allow you to step back from being the primary caregiver, and focus once again on being family.

Upon arrival, we create a care plan unique to your loved one to help them make the most of our secure environment. We recognize that each resident we serve is unique in their life history, in their daily routines, and in their health journey. All of this and more will be taken into consideration when introducing them to our Memory Unit community.

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Memory Unit Resident and Staff

Life in Our Memory Unit

Our Memory Unit, Cambridge, is more than a place to live – it is a place to socialize and make life-long friends, a place to enjoy healthy chef-prepared meals, and a place to remain active both mentally and physically. All of these benefits are woven into a gentle routine, so your loved one retains a sense of consistency and familiarity.

When Is It Time to Consider a Memory Unit?

Our Memory Unit can provide relief and support for caregivers, starting from the beginning. We understand people experience dementia and related memory conditions in different ways; therefore, it can be difficult to determine when to transition your loved one from your care to an assisted living, or long-term care facility to a memory unit. We break down the difference between assisted living, long-term care and memory units below, but you’re welcome to call us at 440-595-0900 to discuss your options.

Long-Term Care & Assisted Living

Our long-term care and assisted living facilities provide sufficient care for individuals in earlier stages of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Dementia.

In assisted living, they will have a private space, with 24 hour access to skilled nursing care. This would be ideal for someone who is mostly independent, but may still require assistance with a few self-care tasks.

Memory Unit

Individuals who require a higher level of skilled care, medical care or supervision, would be more comfortable in our  Memory Unit.

Our fully secured, Memory Unit offers varying levels of independence. Here, supervision is provided 24 hours per day. Your loved one will still have access to all the amenities, activities and dining that all other residents do; however, he or she will need to be accompanied by staff to leave the Memory Unit.

Services Offered

Memory unit residents have access to the following in our fully secured unit:

  • Three chef-prepared meals per day
  • Weekly housekeeping
  • Scheduled transportation

Activities Offered

Activities unique to this unit of Stratford are meant to stimulate memory in accordance with your loved one’s personalized care plan and may range from reading the daily newspaper and participating in discussion groups to participating in arts and crafts or musical numbers.

In addition to personalized activities, your loved one’s care plan will also include:

  • Current level of mobility and goals for improvement
  • Assistance with bathing, continence, grooming and dressing
  • Dietary restrictions and food preferences
  • Medication management

Memory Care FAQ

Is it better for my loved one to live in the familiarity of his or her own home?

While this is a question only you can ultimately answer because you know your loved one best, there is plenty of research that can help you come to a decision. Research shows that living in a community can reduce the amount of medication your loved one needs to maintain his or her condition. Research also shows that living in a community can increase overall health and decrease depression.

It is important that you also consider the caregiver. As conditions such as Alzheimer’s progress, the amount of time and resources required to provide care can greatly increase.

How long can my loved one stay in the Memory Care unit? What happens as his or her condition progresses?

Your loved one’s care plan will be evaluated on a regular basis. You are highly encouraged to participate in our care conferences, when skilled nurses, social workers, therapists and other team members discuss his or her health needs and goals.

Do you have additional questions about our Memory Unit?

The best way to see if our Cambridge Memory Unit is right for your loved one is reach out to our team.

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